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  • Entire Le Maitre Comet range now capless

    Le Maitre has made some changes to its 60' Comets so the entire range of Comets is now capless.

    This change means that there is absolutely no debris from any of the Comets, making them ideal for all sorts of venues and events.

    Le Maitre has a vast range of Comets. They are available in heights from 20' up to 150'. There are also the faster Tracer Comets and a wide range of Virtually Smokeless options. There is also a range of Multi Shot Comets, Multi Shot Tracer Comets and Multi Shot VS Comets, where ten effects are fired from a single board with an integrated igniter. The effects are fired one after another over a duration of ten seconds.

    Comets are available with or without tails, and in a huge choice of colours. A crackle or flitter effect can also be added.

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